What is PPC and how can it expand your business?

Regardless of the size of your business, Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the fastest and most effective tools to increase relevant traffic to your website. By targeting online ads and creating campaigns in search engines, such as Google and Bing you are able to reach a broader range of potential customers, monitor engagement and increase sales.

But what does it mean?
Essentially PPC is a when you pay a fee each time your advert is clicked on when appearing in the search engines Paid Search Results. These ads will appear at the top of the results page and are separate to the Organic Search Results obtained through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You may have seen them before, here is an example of Google Adwords PPC;

So how can this expand your business?

Produces profit. In most cases, the cost of PPC is low and the return on investment is high. For example, if the cost per click is £10 but the customer then goes on to make a £200 sale, then using a PPC is a no-brainer.

Increases Customers. The search engines have a foolproof formula to only show your advertisement to relevant customers who are already interested in your product or service, and therefore is mutually beneficial to search engines, advertisers and consumers alike.

Quick Results. Organic search results are effective, however, can take some time for your website to rank highly or appear on the first page and generate results. PPC immediately targets your advertising campaign and if researched and executed correctly, should quickly produce an increase in sales and website traffic.

Is there a lot of competition to appear in the Paid Search results?
This all depends on the business or service you offer, and how niche your target market is. The aim of Ad networks is to provide the person doing the search with the most suitable results. For this reason, these networks use an Ad Rank; a calculation which considers the price paid for the advertising space (CPC Bid) as well as its Quality Score. This is based on relevance of keywords, ad text, popularity


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Ok, so how do you do this?
To produce accurate PPC advertising, you must consider the following;

Keywords – Keywords are the foundation of your campaign and therefore, it is essential to choose relevant words related to your business. Consider including niche or specific terms known as long tail keywords to target different segments of your audience. It is also beneficial to include negative keywords – these prevent your ad from appearing in searches which may have similar keywords but are not relevant to your business. For example, if you wanted professionally decorated cakes delivered to your home, you would not be interested in a search result which offered classes and tutorials on how to decorate cakes.

Reviewing and Managing your PPC advertisements. This is vital to maintaining profitable search results. You must continually assess the effectiveness and cost of both the keywords and negative keywords and make changes where required. Landing pages also need to be adapted in correlation to this to ensure they are consistent with the ad to boost conversion rates.

What can Click ROI offer in relation to PPC?
At Click ROI, we continuously monitor and optimise our clients’ accounts to deliver the best ROI. Our team is lead by a Google certified PPC specialist and have lots of experience in generating high-quality business leads and increased revenue in this area of marketing.

For any advice on PPC or an individual strategy session please feel free to contact us

What we do

Click ROI is a Southampton based boutique digital marketing agency specialising in Paid Search and Facebook advertising. Our experienced team with former Facebook and Google employees provide fully managed Pay Per Click services including research, strategy and account creation, landing page development, management and reporting with a focus on your specific business goals and KPIs. Get in touch today, gain an unfair advantage in digital marketing and leverage our experience to maximise your ROI from paid advertising.

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