The Best Tips for A Better Landing Page Experience

Optimising landing pages can be a tricky business. What works for one company might not work for another, and what works for you once might not ever work again! But fear not, in this article I discuss the best tips for a better landing page experience.

Less is more – no, really!

It’s very tempting to want to place every feature, benefit, and pricing model of your products and services on your landing page. This is because you want your landing page to be as persuasive as possible, and how can your potential customers get the full picture of what you sell if you don’t include everything, right?

Wrong! When it comes to a killer landing page less really is more. Use the best parts of your products or services and, in a few words, tell your prospect why they should buy from you. The more powerful your landing page the bigger the impact on your potential customers.

Top tip: Absolutely A/B test your landing page – let your prospects tell you what works best!

Practice Conciseness

Ever wandered onto a website only to find yourself still there 15 minutes later, trying to figure out what it is they actually do? Don’t be that person!

Practice conciseness on your landing page. Don’t be afraid to be direct in what you’re selling – you only have a limited amount of time to draw your audience in, and if they can’t work out what you’re selling them they’ll just as quickly leave your page.

Top tip: Write exactly what you’re selling or what your business does in your headline, and then expand from there, adding superfluous words as appropriate – but don’t over-do it!

Create A Path and Lead Your Prospects Down It

Just like placing with too much information on your landing page, it’s also tempting to include various links to various parts of your website or use several calls to action. Limit the actions you want your prospects to take to just one – so, create a path and lead your prospects down it. You’ll soon see your conversion rate skyrocket!

Top tip: If you’re having trouble converting try changing call to action language – for example, ‘free’ is usually a better incentive than ‘book’ or ‘contact’.

Be Consistent

This is very important – your call to action, copy, headline, and images, must all say the same thing – not necessarily in the same way, but everything on your landing page, right down to the slug (what comes after the needs to be consistent.

The main reason for this is eliminating distraction and reducing bounce rates. If your URL says ‘free demo’ but your call to action is ‘buy now’ the conversion rate of your landing page will severely reduce. Find out what action you want your prospects or customers to do and stick to it.

Top tip: Treat your landing page like one separate campaign or brand to really focus on conversions.

Make Your Call to Action Button Enticing

Play around with wording and design to make your call to action button enticing. It will be difficult for you to want to ‘break’ the design and have a button that completely stands apart from the rest of the page but that’s exactly what you want your CTA to do – stand out!

Try using more personal language to really increase conversions. Swapping out ‘get a demo’ for ‘call me back’, for example, can drastically improve conversions. Making your call to action more personable makes your prospects feel like they are far more involved in the buying process from the beginning.

Top tip: If you see a lot of visitors to your page but not equivalent conversions, try testing your CTA buttons to see if this number increases.

Don’t Do All the Talking

Have you ever bought a product just because the director of the company said you should? Never? Exactly! When it comes to selling your products and services, don’t do all the talking. Gather testimonials, reviews, and case studies from your existing customers. The likelihood of prospects taking action when similar users have provided a recommendation is far higher than without reviews and testimonials.

Top tip: Don’t be afraid of a little negativity in a review, particularly if it’s a number out of 5 (say 4/5 review) – this provides trust and honesty compared to stellar reviews across the board – it will read like those reviews were written by your employees!

Be Clear on Your Pricing

I know, pricing on your landing page can seem like a big red flag to your competitors, so it can be tempting to leave this off. But pricing for your customers lets them know your offering and provides them with options. Tiered pricing models tell your prospects that you can cater to them – and they can take action immediately, without waiting for a quote.

Top tip: Don’t be afraid to put your pricing on your landing page, even if it’s higher than your competitors’ – it will eradicate fruitless leads and provide a level of quality to your prospects.

Offer ends today!

Providing a sense of urgency if your prospects feel like they’ll be missing out if they don’t buy right now then your conversion rate can increase dramatically. Create a sense of urgency by including copy such as ‘limited number available’ or ‘ends today!’

Top tip: If your products or services don’t work with time-limited offers try offering additional gated content instead, such as a whitepaper or eBook.

Consider Multi-Step Forms

If you’re seeing a lot of visitors on your landing page and they’re staying on there for a while but still not converting, you might need to consider using multi-step forms.

Multi-step doesn’t work for everyone. If you want to offer a plumbing service, for example, it’s generally expected that a contact number to request this is needed. But if you’re selling a different product, such as car insurance or home improvement products, you might find more success converting if you have less demanding forms.

Top tip: Try asking your prospects open-ended questions on a form first, such as ‘how many company cars does your company own?’ before then asking for more personal details such as name and telephone number.

So that concludes my best tips for a better landing page experience. Remember to test one element at a time, so you know what works best!

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