The Benefits of Using an Agency to Manage Your PPC Ads

So, you’ve decided to make the most of PPC Ads – you know all about the channels, the benefits they can bring, and what you need to do to make them a success for your business. If you’re still not sure how to run effective Google Ads campaigns please read our step-by-step guide.

Now the main question is – who do you choose to manage your PPC account?

Experts will tell you to outsource the work – and we tend to agree (yes, we’re biased)! However, we firmly believe that employing an internal person to manage your account can be both a lengthy and costly process – time and money you could use for running ads successfully.

Don’t hire internally – there are many benefits of using an agency to manage PPC ads.

  1. Providing Industry Knowledge

To quote a cliché, PPC really is a digital marketing agency’s bread and butter especially if they’re a specialist company. They live and breathe the practice every day, and they constantly ensure that team members are kept up to date with the very latest in PPC industry knowledge. At Click ROI, some of our team members are previous employees of Google and Facebook which give us a competitive advantage and can assist you in the growth of your business.

Hiring internally means you lose out on this vital knowledge, and your PPC ads could suffer as a result.

  1. Using Best Practices

As well as industry knowledge, a good PPC team will know how to apply best practice when it comes to your PPC account. They’re knowledgeable enough to use best practices and skilled enough to know when to tweak certain elements of your strategy to best suit your company. Not every best practice will suit every company when it comes to PPC.

Simply applying best practice to a PPC campaign can make it nose-dive incredibly fast, and an agency can confidently ensure this doesn’t happen.

  1. Know the Competition

Along with industry knowledge and best practices, experts in this field are keenly aware of your competition. It’s their job to research and discover who’s doing what and how they’re doing it.

PPC is more than just bidding on what keywords your competitors are using – a dedicated team of experts will focus on your competitors’ strategy and pre-empt what they’ll do next. Keeping you ahead of your competition will directly contribute to your company growth, and ensure you’re heading in the right direction.

  1. Tools and Resources

To be successful in creating and developing PPC campaigns, you also need to consider external sources to get you there. Often when companies employ someone in-house to run PPC ads, they don’t consider the additional financial costs that come with it.

Some of these additional costs are spent on tools and resources to implement to get your PPC ads off the ground. Just one piece of additional software could cost a third of an employee’s monthly salary!

There’s little point in refusing to buy these tools to aid you, as not having them will severely limit how successful PPC ads can really be.

An agency has full access to the latest tools and resources – often they will have one piece of software to host several clients’ campaigns, so the costs of hiring an agency have these additional tools included in their fee.

  1. People Power

As well as tools and resources at your disposal, agencies hire their own team of experts to manage their client’s PPC ads. The cost of hiring one person in-house to run campaigns can be just as costly as hiring a whole suite of people to manage specific elements and aid best practice.

You want to take advantage of what a full PPC team has to offer to truly appreciate how successful they can make your PPC strategy – success isn’t made by skimping on people to do the job right.

  1. Widen the Net

An agency can also widen the net in terms of resources – as well as tools and people, they can split specific skills and specialisms between their team. So rather than hiring one person to do four jobs, why not hire four people instead, especially when the costs of doing so by using an agency is far less?

  1. Reduced Risks

The real benefit of having a larger team of experts at your disposal is that the risks of hiring an agency are far less than hiring in-house.

Imagine the time it takes to recruit someone, to train them in your business, and implement them to the point where your PPC account can really start to show quality conversions – then imagine that person leaving your business, for whatever reason – all that time wasted!

With a larger team of experts, staff turnover is one less thing for you to worry about. If your account manager leaves it can be disruptive, but you always know you have a set of skills and people who can smoothly and successfully continue to handle your account – you can still see results, nothing stalled, and nothing lost.

  1. Cost Saving

As we previously mentioned, hiring an external agency costs far less than in-house.

On paper, hiring a junior executive to manage your PPC account looks more cost-effective than hiring an agency, but let’s not forget the risks you could come across, as well as additional tools and resources you’ll need to invest in to make your PPC strategy a success.

A team of experts don’t just save you money – they make you money through their industry knowledge, best practice, and dedication to getting the job done. Conversions will be much higher and of greater quality with an agency.

  1. Agencies Have Their Own Goals

To win you quality leads, of course! Remember that no-one wants to look bad when they have a job to do, and least of all an agency who have a reputation to uphold. If an agency continually fails at what they do best, then they can run the risk of going out of business.

  1. Don’t Cut Corners – Hire the Experts

The one major benefit above all others in hiring an agency for your PPC ads comes down to skills and expertise.

Our team is comprised of the top experts in the industry. We give our clients a true competitive advantage through our Google Ads and Facebook insider knowledge – some of our team members are previous employees of Google and Facebook!

We’re dedicated to understanding the tools, tactics, and internal processes to generate the best possible results for your business – get started today through our free health check from our experts.


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